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Our team of counselors use a variety of evidence-based modalities, including cognitive-behavioral techniques, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness practices, to help our clients overcome negative or irrational thought patterns/behaviors and build more adaptive coping skills. We believe in a multidimensional approach to mental health, aiming to support both the mind and body. 

Therapy Services


Individual therapy services for children take into account a child's developmental stage to implement appropriate play-based therapy techniques to aid in the development of communication, emotional identification, problem-solving  skills, and behavioral modification. 

Parental Support

Parent training services are offered in conjunction with individual therapy services to equip parents with useful techniques and strategies to promote behavioral modification and discipline within the home environment.  


Adolescent therapy services include the utilization of a variety of empirically based talk therapy techniques to identify current stressors, modify maladaptive behaviors, and develop effective coping strategies.


Family Therapy

Family therapy services take a systemic approach to assist families in navigating distressing life transitions, familial conflict, and ineffective communication styles to promote more adaptive family functioning and balance. 


Adult therapy services incorporate a variety of empirically based cognitive behavioral strategies, motivational interviewing, and client-centered therapeutic techniques to support clients in identifying & reframing negative/irrational cognitions, enhance coping skills, and develop healthy communication skills.

Group Therapy

A variety of group therapy services are offered seasonally to assist clients in receiving peer support, improve interpersonal communication, and explore themes, such as conflict, grief, diminished self-confidence, social communication, and behavioral challenges. 

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